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Khawaja Asif target of ink attack at PML-N convention

Foreign minister Khawaja Asif required ink tossed at him Throughout a PML-N workers’ gathering in Sialkot looking into Saturday.

The veteran politician might have been tending to as much get-together specialists when an unidentified mamoncillo doused him with bootleg ink from behind.

Accompanying the incident, goaded PML-N specialists roughed up the ink-thrower preceding handing him again to the police.

Asif, however, pardoned the assailant right away and called for as much release, saying: “Someone provided for him some cash, What’s more, sent him on have ink during me Yet arrival him in view I don’t need whatever ill will with him. “.

“This incident doesn’t affect my politics because there are still thousands of people praying for me,” Asif said.

The pardoning of the ink-thrower might have been dismissed Toward PML-N workers, who voiced their disappointment through their chants.

It will be applicable should notice here that a shoe might have been hurled Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal Throughout a later PML-N workers’ gathering.

Also, these type of incidents happened in the past, In recent past Ink thrown on Delhi CM Kejriwal after he called for evidence of ‘surgical strikes’ in India.


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